The war is an abomination. Period.

It is very hard for me to conceive that there is a guy somewhere in an office where the temperature is set to 24o C, drinking coffee, just playing with people’s life like that. It’s preposterous. 

I’m leaving in a country that shares the border with Ukraine and on top of this I am working in a company that has a very big office in Ukraine with more than 14.000 IT professionals, that now are trying to save themselves and their families. It’s hocking what they have been through, it’s shocking to hear that they are associating the sound of an ambulance with the anti-aircraft sirene. Nobody should be through this.

I have colleagues in Russia as well. It’s definitely not their fault that this is happening. But they are also suffering from the consequences of one’s action, regardless the motives.

In the 21st century, one would have expected wars to not exist. Our focus should have been channeled towards something else like space, other planets, clean energy, spirituality….not fleeing from bombs used in WW2. We have learned nothing out of that? I, for one, do not care who is right and who is wrong in this war…

It’s very hard to get by listening to the news when you know that the war is a few hundreds kilometres away and your co-workers and friends are struggling. Thank god that this company embraced from moment 0 the message, “We stand by our people. They are the most important.”. And thank GOD that Romanians got united to help, but their mental health is severely under pressure (war so close, listening to Ukrainian stories about war, thinking about “are we going to be next?”).

There must be light at the end of this darkness. If we are in hell there is no reason to stop now. We’ll get out of it, into peace. We have to.